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Universal soil with Osmovit


The highest quality Universal soil enriched with multi-ingredient long-acting fertilizer. It does not require fertilization up to 6 months.

Universal BIOVITA SOIL WITH OSMOVIT is a perfect substrate for growing and transplanting decorative plants,except for acidophilic ones, at home, in balcony gardens and terraces or patios. Its multi-ingredient, long-acting fertilizer, containing macro and micro elements, provides the plant with all the required nutritional value for as long as six months after transplanting!
Owing to the application of the most up-to-date methods of fertilization we save time, and the plants grow better than when planted in traditional substrate drawing from the soil the appropriate amount of nutrients.
The high moor peat included in the substrate increases the plant's air capacity, improves the substrate structure and creates conditions that favour the development of the root system. Multi-ingredient, ready-to-use substrate.

Here are some useful tips:
- the coated fertilizer included in the substrate is released over a long-lasting period in small doses, which is the safest and most efficient method of fertilization compared with any traditional fertilizers,
- make sure not to damage the plant root system in the course of planting and transplanting,
- remove carefully the dead parts of the root system and put the dried out parts in water for about one minute,
- putting the plant in a pot do not forget about the drainage layer at the bottom, e.g. Biovita leca,
- a new plant pot should be slightly larger than the old one,
- water the plant abundantly,
- when you make the planting in the garden, you can mix the ready-to-use Biovita substrate with the garden soil.

pH : 5,5 - 6,5