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Natural Peat large packaging


The product of organic origin, contains high (sphagnum) peat, ground, with a fraction of 0-20 mm.

We present a product of organic origin, it contains high (sphagnum), ground peat, with a fraction of 0-20mm.

Acid peat, thanks to its properties, improves the structure of the substrate, provides humus, loosens and aerates the soil, regulates water relations and restores biological balance. It is used for the production of horticultural substrates, it works very well as a substrate for the cultivation of acid-loving plants, it is also used to improve the properties of heavy and alkaline soils.

Before sowing or planting plants, peat should be aired and additional moisturizing.


- Moss peat

- The amount of organic matter 92-96%

- pH acidity (H2O) 3.2-4.5

- Electrical conductivity <0.6mS / cm

Why is it worth buying this product?

- loosens and aerates the soil,

- provides caries,

- regulates water relations,

- ideal for the cultivation of acidophilic plants, - improves the properties of heavy and alkaline soils.

PALLET: 15x250L

pH : 3,2 - 4,5