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Universal substrate with absorbent large packaging


Substrate of Biovita is an ideal soil for all decorative and vegetable plants, as well as for balcony and pot plants, which do not require an...

Product of organic origin enriched with fiba zorb absorbent, containing highmoor peat (sphagnum peat), ground, with the fraction of 0-20 mm, with the addition of neutralizing minerals and fertilizer. Owing to its properties it stores water, and enriches and opens the soil. It is used in the growing of vegetables, flowers and bushes. It is suitable for lawns and irreplaceable as organic substrate for cultivation under plastic film covers and in greenhouses. It is also used for improving the properties of heavy and acid soils. Before sowing and planting the substrate should be subjected to airing and additional moisturizing.

BASIC component:moss peat.

ADDITIVES:Limestone dust, Fertilizers with microelements,

FIBA ZORB (the substance that stimulates water absorption and regulates the soil water regimes).


- Content of organic substances: 92-96%

- Acidity – pH (H2O): 5.2-6.0

- Electrical conductivity: 0.9-1.5 mS/cm

- QUANTITY: 250 l

Why is it worth buying?

- enriches and loosens the earth,

- stores water,

- addition of minerals and fertilizers,

-ideal for garden and lawns

pH : 5,2-6,0