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BIOVITA Open Partnership is a dynamically developing company of an established position on gardening market. Twenty years of experience in the scope of poroduction os substrates enables us to offer a wide variety of soils, fertilizerds and decorative items of very good quality. Meeting our customers’ expectations we have extended our activity with the wholesale of gardening products, trying to make this offer most universal and complex. Our registered Office is located in the South of Poland, but through a Network of distributors we are active all over the country.


We produce and packane a wide range of gardening soils, peat, peat substrates, bark, chips, decorative stones, fertilizers, non-woven fabrics, sand, salt, pearlite, chalk, lime and wood. We offer wholesale of gardening items, fertilizers, bulbs, seeds, seedlings, flowers and shrubs, plant pots, tools, plant protection products and commemorative items.



Our aim is a constant improvement of our product quality through the development of our production facilities and modern machinery.


We aim at systematic extension of our product range offer in wholesale, offering products of leading companies in gardening branch at attractive prices. We aim at perfecting customer service standards and ensuring Professional counseling in the scope of Biovita products application.


Being close to our customers through a large network of distributors, business partners, wholesalers, and salespersons. Ensure efficient logistic services, where punctuality and flexibility of supplies as well as large storage space are a priority. Support our partners in the promotion and implementation of new products and build up lasting relations with recipients and suppliers.


Look after the esthetic and functional aspects of packaging, so that they are attractive for our customers and easily identified , and ensure a safe application of our products. Be responsible and reliable in contacts with our customers, contractors, partners and employees. Meet the needs of our customers at the same time preserving the binding European standards and standards of the environment protection, taking into account the needs of our employees and partners in business.


Our mission is best reflected in the motto:

Biovita products are a good start for your plants; owing to modern technologies we ensure traditional quality.

That is why we strive every day for offering our customers a wide range of high quality products, available throughout the country. By investing in new technologies and developing the distribution network we build up lasting business relations based on reliability, responsibility and partnership..


Creating a modern production company, with a strong position among the leaders in gardening branch as well as a dynamic extension of the high quality product range. Ensuring the conditions that favour the company employees’ development. We want to become a professional and dependable supplier of products in the field of gardening and agriculture.

We cordially invite you to cooperating with us. All kinds of information are available in our commercial department.