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Produced on the basis of the highest quality peat, deacidified with chalk.


Fertilizes and refreshes the soil, gathers water and nutrients.


The product of organic origin, contains high (sphagnum) peat, ground, with a fraction of 0-20 mm.


The OPTIMA balcony plants soil is a perfectly composed multi-component garden soil, specially create for planting and growing geraniums and other balcony plants. It is ideal for growing annual plants.


OPTIMA conifers and acidophilic plants soil, ideal for planting and replanting conifers and acidophilic plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and heathers.


A multi-component garden substrate for setting up and regenerating lawns. Properly selected composition of the substrate provides convenient growth conditions.


Universal soil OPTIMA - a multi-component garden soil ideally suited for the cultivation of houseplants, balcony plants in flowerbeds and in gardens, reinforced with fertilizer, with optimal composition and structure.


Peat free universal soil for planting vegetables and flowers with compost is a ready-to-use substrate, designed for wide-ranging use.


The soil is  prepared special to plant blueberries and cranberries, is great for growing all acidophilous plants.


The soil is ideally suited for planting, transplanting all conifers and acidophilic plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, heathers and brackish.


A multi-component lightweight structure designed for growing ferns. Perfectly retaining light structure and adequate humidity. The properly selected composition of the substrate ensures the beautiful green colour of the plant. 


BIOVITA soil for geraniums and plants grown on balconies is a substrate specifically designed for geraniums and other balcony plants grown. Perfect for growing annual plants.


Cactuses and succulents in their natural environment grow in difficult and demanding conditions, which is why we have created a substrate that adapts to their needs.


Prepared substrate for BIO herbs 100% natural ingredients. Perfect for organic farming. It contains natural organic fertilizer.


Multi-component substrate with fertilizer, also for rubber plants and other domestic green plants.


Biovita soil for roses is a specialized substrate prepared in order to plant and replant all types of roses. It is perfect for land, pot, box and greenhouse cultivation.Roses are beautiful plants which have been known to gardeners all over the...


Specialized substrate for sowing seeds, planting bulbs, rhizomes and bulbs, as well as quilting plants, enriched with coconut fiber.


BIO soil with 100% natural ingredients ready to use. Ideal for organic farming for people who prefer a healthy lifestyle.


Optimal mineral-organic substrate, used as a vegetative layer, green roofs, parking lots and other such crops.


Substrate that has been professionally composed of best quality ingredients specially for orchids and other epiphytes.  It has a light and airy structure that enables optimum growth of the plants.


BIO soil for vegetables and tomatoes is an ecological, ready to use substrate, prepared for vegetables and tomatoes for consumption. It does not contain any artificial ingredients.


Universal soil is a substrate intended mainly for pot and rebate flowers, it can also be used in the garden for decorative trees and shrubs and fruit trees.


The highest quality Universal soil enriched with multi-ingredient long-acting fertilizer. It does not require fertilization up to 6 months.


Biovita peat substrate is an ideal substrate for all ornamental and vegetable plants, as well as for balcony and potted plants that do not require an acidic substrate.


Substrate of Biovita is an ideal soil for all decorative and vegetable plants, as well as for balcony and pot plants, which do not require an acidic substrate.

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