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Universal Substrate


Biovita peat substrate is an ideal substrate for all ornamental...

Biovita peat substrate is an ideal substrate for all ornamental and vegetable plants, as well as for balcony and potted plants that do not require an acidic substrate.

Natural substrate, made of the highest quality high peat with a fraction of 0-30mm. The product has been de-acidified with chalk with a rich addition of fertilizers and microelements. The unique structure of the substrate perfectly retains water, thanks to which the plant has excellent growth conditions. The substrate is very often added to the production of other substrates. Thanks to this, it significantly improves the air-water values ​​and enriches the composition with humus of the produced substrate, causing faster and healthy plant growth. The plants planted out to the ground should be fertilized and cared for in accordance with their individual requirements, using generally available means.

Why is it worth buying the product?

- lightweight permeable structure
-you can use the substrate as an additive to the produced land
- the substrate perfectly retains water
- made of high-quality high peat

Planting, transplanting, sprinkling all ornamental, flowering, vegetable and potted plants. Addition to the produced substrate.

pH : 5,5 - 6,5