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Soil for vegetables and tomatoes BIO


BIO soil with 100% natural ingredients ready to use. Ideal for organic farming for people who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

BIO soil for vegetables and tomatoes is an ecological, ready to use substrate, prepared for vegetables and tomatoes for consumption. It does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is designed for all kinds of cultures: grown at home, in greenhouses, and gardens, both in the ground and in containers.

It is a substrate composed of natural ingredients that meet the requirements for ecological production. It has been enriched with organic fertilizer with a high content of nutrients, especially nitrogen of natural origin and microelements necessary for plants.

BIO soil for vegetables and tomatoes contains a proper starter dose of BIO fertilizer, and that is why the ground does not need any fertilizing for a period of 6 months.

Use BIO soil - let your vegetables be really tasty and above all healthy!    

Remember growing plants in an ecological substrate protects our natural environment and prevents its degradation.

Why is it worth buying this product?

- 100% natural ingredients

- contains organic fertilizer

- ready to use!

- organic farming !!!

A handful of useful information: 

- Growing vegetables and other plants in ecological substrates protects the natural environment and prevents its degradation.
- The organic fertilizer cntained in the BIO soil for vegetables and tomates supplies to the grund almost 99% of organic mass, favours the growth of useful organisms and improves the structure of the soil.
- In order to enjoy high yields, let us remember about crop rotation, that is planting various species in subsequent seasons.
- Planting vegetables or tomatoes in a container, let us not forget about a drainage leyer, such as Biovita kermesite.
- The plant that is a natural protection for plants used in growing tomatoes is nettle. A solution of liquid nettle manure in the proportion 1:10 should be used for spraying plants.
- In ecological cultures only natural fertilizers should be used. We recommend loose and granulated Biovita manures to those who prefer this type of fertilizing.

pH : 6,0-7,2