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Agro-nonwoven white crop cover P-17 roll


Spring agro-nonwoven white crop cover P17 is a product made of lightweight material that does not damage the plant. The non-woven fabric is partially permeable to air, light and moisture without inhibiting the vegetation processes of the plants covered. The product is perfect primarily for the protection of ornamental garden plants and in agriculture, protecting previously growing vegetable plants. The non-woven fabric also has a second use, after covering vegetable plants, it creates natural greenhouse conditions for them. Especially such conditions are required by thermophilic vegetables: lettuces, cucumbers. The non-woven fabric perfectly protects the substrate against excessive evaporation of water from the ground. The sheltered plants give much earlier (from a few to even 21 days) and higher yields of higher quality and health.
Why is it worth buying a product?

- light - does not damage and does not burden plants;
- partially permeable to light, water and air;
- white color lets the sun's rays in, allows plants to photosynthesize freely;
- easy to cut and make sheets with a specific surface.
Spring covering of vegetable and ornamental garden plants, against frosts, strong sun, cool wind and insects.