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Ground Pegs With a Metal Pin


Ground Pegs With a Metal Pin for fastening...

Ground Pegs With a Metal Pin for fastening agrotextiles, agrotextiles, geotextiles, foils and meshes.

Biovita Ground Pegs With a Metal Pin are perfect for home, hobby and professional plantations with large areas.
Pins are an indispensable product for proper fastening and fastening of various types of agrotextiles, agrotextiles, foil to the soil, thanks to which the surface on which the non-woven fabric will be spread remains smooth and aesthetic. Their specially created shape contributes to the correct mounting and protection of fabrics / nonwovens.
Pins have serrations to prevent them from slipping out of the base. On the other hand, the large diameter of the head protects the attached fabric against tearing. The product is made of the highest quality materials, it is durable and resistant to UV rays, water, difficult weather conditions and fungi.
Properly fastened fabric / non-woven fabric guarantees weed-free, even up to several seasons.

Why is it worth buying the product?
- easy to apply
-Made of high-quality materials
-resistant to difficult weather conditions
- properly fixes the non-woven fabric / fabric to the substrate
Ground Pegs With a Metal Pin for fastening to the non-woven / woven base