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Winter hood


Winter hood, for the protection and protection of ornamental...

Winter hood, for the protection and protection of ornamental plants and shrubs against unfavorable external conditions.

Biovita winter hood, made of high quality winter nonwoven white crop cover 50g / m2. We can use it as a hobby in home gardens. The hood perfectly protects the covered plants against frost, cold wind and frost. The product allows plants with low frost resistance to survive, creating a proper microclimate under the cover. The product also protects plants against harmful, drying wind, which is especially important during snow-free winters, when there is no natural protective snow cover. The white color of the product does not block the photosynthesis processes of plants during the winter. It is also permeable to water, so plants are not exposed to overdrying. The ready shape and size will allow you to choose the right hood for a given plant. Easy assembly and a comfortable binding at the bottom will prevent it from being blown away by the wind. The hood should be placed directly on the plant, and the string sewn at the bottom should be tightened as close to the ground as possible.

Why is it worth buying the product?
- it is permeable to water
- white color does not block photosynthesis in plants
- a product tailored to a specific size, facilitates the selection of a specific plant
- binding at the bottom of the hood protects it from being blown away by the wind.
Application of the hood:

- covering plants overwintering in the ground, such as: conifers, roses, vines, rhododendrons,

- covering the trunks of trees and shrubs to protect against frost and sunlight,

- protection of trunks from gnawing.