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Agro-fabric strong 100g/m2 Roll


Strong agrotextile 100g / m2

The strong agrotextile by Biovita is a mulch mat that reliably protects the substrate against the growth of weeds. It is suitable for use in hobby gardens and large plantations of ornamental, vegetable and forest plants. To a large extent, the use of a mulching mat reduces the amount of work performed in the fight against growing weeds, without the use of chemical agents.

The agrotextile is also used as a backing for decorative mulching material, e.g. bark, stone or decorative wood chips. Thanks to that the products are not dirty or damaged, they can be easily scattered or collected when necessary. The product effectively inhibits the access of sunlight, which effectively stops the vegetative processes of weeds.

The agrotextile allows the access of air and water to the covered substrate. The mat also suppresses unexpected changes in air temperature, thanks to which the soil always maintains the appropriate humidity without drying the plants.

The product is resistant to weather conditions, it does not degrade in contact with water.

Why is it worth buying the product?

- it is permeable to water and air

- limits the development of weeds

- does not rot when in contact with water

-It can be easily cut to the required sizes Application:

- mulching material to reduce the growth of weeds

- a support for decorative mulching elements such as: stone, bark, expanded clay, wood chips

- in nurseries and plant sales points, it serves as a base for displayed plants, as well as a mulch mat for alleys and paths between plants.