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Black agro-nonwoven crop cover P-50 roll


Black agro-nonwoven crop cover P-50 g/m2, ideal product...

The P-50 black agro-nonwoven crop cover is an ideal mulch material used in home gardens and professional plantations. The product serves as a base for decorative elements, e.g. bark, stone or wood chips. Decorative bedding, thanks to the use of the product, is not damaged or dirty, it is easy to spread it on the mat or, if necessary, collect it from a given place. First of all, the agrotextile protects the places on which it is spread against weed growth, because its black color does not let sunlight in and stops the vegetative processes of weeds. The product is used in flower beds, flower beds and squares in ornamental gardening. On the other hand, in fruit-growing vegetable gardening, on the alleys and passages between flower beds, e.g. with strawberries or in rows of fruit bushes.

The agro-fiber allows water to pass through, so it has no effect on the plants growing in the places where it is spread.

Why is it worth buying the product?

- it is permeable to water

- limits weed growth

- easy to cut if you need an irregular shape

-convenient to use
-biodegradable after 5-7 years

Material mulching the substrate for decorative elements. It is perfect for alleys between shrubs or fruit trees. The product can also be spread over a strawberry bed, reducing the growth of weeds.