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Decorative brown WOOD CHIPS


Decorative wood chips, ideal mulching material. High aesthetic values ​​of the product, give us the opportunity to create unique, unique...

Biovita decorative wood chips

Esthetic natural material made of wood, tinted with the substances that do not dissolve in water and do not cause any changes in the natural pH of the soil. Owing to its high quality and good adhesion of the tint to the wood, it is characterized by high durability. With the recommended usage method the material durability period is up to 3 years.


Their high esthetic value allow to use the wood chips to create interesting, original and unique decorative compositions in your garden, flowerbeds and in parks. Their physical properties favourably affect moisture and temperature regulation. They prevent weed growth and protect the soil against erosion.

Method of use:

In order to obtain the best possible results, the ground has to be levelled and deprived of all weeds before applying the wood chips. For a better esthetic effect and protection against weeds, the wood chips can be secured with black agrofabric or agrotextile. We scatter wood chips on the ground prepared in this way to obtain the optimum layer of 5-10cm. The mulching is best to be done on a dry sunny day. Newly scattered wood chips can be moist. When the wood chips become dried by the sun, their colour becomes permanent and the durability period extends. When the layer is thicker, the final effect of the wood chips is better.