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PALMAX - soot burner


The ecological measure limits the emission of dust and gases into the atmosphere. The product largely removes hard deposits, sediment, soot...

PALMAX by Biovita is a natural origin product that unblocks and facilitates cleaning chimney ducts. The application of the agent significantly improves the heat transfer, which significantly reduces the amount of fuel consumed. Palmax has a great impact on reducing dust and gas emissions. In the era of ubiquitous smog in the atmosphere, it is of great importance during the long heating period. It affects the proper operation and efficiency, which eliminates downtime caused by the contamination.
Why is it worth buying the product?
- Ecological product
- reduces dust and gas emissions to the atmosphere
- reduces the amount of fuel consumed
- improves the quality of chimney ducts
heating furnaces,

tiled stoves,


Directions for use:

One tablespoon (about 20-30 grams) of the preparation should be added to the burning furnace once a day, systematically throughout the heating season. In the case of a highly contaminated system, the preparation should be dosed twice a day for a period of at least 14 days.

18 months from the date of opening the package. Store in original packaging, at 5-30C, in a dry, ventilated room. Do not store together with combustible materials, oxidants, reducing agents.

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