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Natural, dried manure with versatile use. It is ideal for fertilizing all kinds of ornamental plants, ornamental grasses, potted trees, fruit...

Natural Kurzak fertilizer provides the soil with the necessary minerals and greatly facilitates the development of proper microflora. The product can be used directly in a loose form and after adding to compost to enrich its composition, as well as in the form of an aqueous solution. Kurzak has similar properties to cattle manure, but it is much more concentrated, so never exceed the doses recommended by the manufacturer. We can easily over-fertilize the cultivated plants, and in the worst case, burn them. Kurzak has a long-lasting effect.

Remember that not all plants like to grow in the soil after freshly fertilized product.

Why is it worth buying the product?

-100% natural product

-significantly enriches the cultivated soil with necessary nutrients

-improves the water-air structure of the substrate

-long-lasting operation


Ideally suited for the cultivation of vegetable, fruit and agricultural plants. You can fertilize all ornamental plants with it: grasses, shrubs, potted flowers, grasses.