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Granulated gardening chalk


The research shows that chalk fertilizer increases pH in the soil within the period of 3 months. The efect of pH increase may be seen in the yield growth within the frst year following the chalk application. Owing to this, the nutrients from NPK mineral fertilizers are better absorbed. The mineral is benefcial for the growth of the amount of soil microorganisms and thus improves the soil fertility. Spreading granulated chalk does not require any specialized equipment. Any type of fertilizer spreader will do and you may also spread the fertilizer manually. Low moisture content favours a steady passage of the granules through the funnel and prevents the closure of the drain hole in the spreader. Granules size ensures their steady spreading all over the application area. The granulated form of the fertilizer reduces the infuence of the wind on the spread and dust. This fertilizer has been qualifed for use in ecological farming under the number NE/390/2018


The fertilizer has to be stored in its original packaging, in a dry and well ventillated storerooms. Protect it from freezing, moisture and rain. Best use within five years.

Application: To all soil types before the sowing, in top dressing and in case of urgent need. It does not require mixing with the soil:

- in arable farming

- perennial plants cultivation (permanent grassland, lawns)

- for vegetables

- in orchards and berry crops areas as well as for vegetables and flowers

- in greenhouses

Optimum liming material dosage may be established exclusively on the basis of the current results of agrochemical analysis of soil acidity level, pH level and the needs of plants grown.