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Development of the BIOVITA enterprise

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Biovita company has been participating in trading for over 25 years, from the beginning of its existence, it has been implementing the intention of its founders, which was to build a durable brand that enjoys the trust of customers and contractors. The goal that guided our company manages to achieve despite many changes that the market turnover has brought over the last decades.

The changing economic reality and the care for the production of products and the provision of services with the highest standards accompanying our company from the beginning of its existence, have resulted in the need for transformations that support the current functioning, will allow for further development and will help to carry out the duties entrusted to us even more efficiently.
Bearing in mind our cooperation to date, we kindly inform you that our company - as planned - has been transformed as of June 1, 2023 in terms of the form of conducting business activity. The existing general partnership was transformed into a limited liability company. The existing data, i.e. NIP, REGON, registered office or registry court storing documentation for our company - will not change.
The KRS number and the aforementioned form of the company will be modified.
We also emphasize that the transformation does not affect the contracts and obligations between us in any way - these will continue to be implemented, as agreed so far.

At your disposal is the same - well known to you - team of people who have been involved in the activities of our Company and the implementation of entrusted orders for many years, professionals at the highest level, who have always been the core of the company.

Current contact details have not changed - all telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and the registered office of the Company known to you remain valid.

If you have any questions, please contact us.